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Fumehoods & Ducting

A Ducted Fume Hood is a type of ventilation system that primarily functions to provide personnel protection against toxic fumes, vapors, and dust.

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  • A fume hood, also known as a fume cupboard or safety cabinet, is a ventilated enclosure that protects laboratory workers from exposure to harmful airborne substances.
  • It consists of a working chamber with a transparent sash (usually made of glass) at the front that can be raised or lowered to access the interior.
  • Fume hoods are equipped with an exhaust system that draws air from the workspace into the hood and expels it outside the laboratory or through a filtration system.
  • There are different types of fume hoods, including ducted fume hoods (connected to an external ventilation system) and ductless fume hoods (equipped with filtration systems to remove contaminants before recirculating air into the room).
  • Fume hoods are crucial for maintaining a safe working environment in laboratories where hazardous chemicals are handled, as they prevent exposure to toxic or noxious fumes.


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